Every child thrives, learns and grows to enjoy a productive, rewarding and fulfilling life, while contributing to their local and global communities.
~ adapted from the Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development

To apply for a place in the 3 year old or 4 year old program at one of our kindergartens, please download and complete the Preschool Application below and return it to:

Mail: Yarra Ranges Kindergartens Inc. Mail: PO Box 416 Mooroolbark 3138
Phone: 03 9726 0439
Email: enrol@yrkinders.com  

Please be sure to complete all Information required as incomplete applications will be returned and not considered until complete

Download Preschool Application


The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides per capita funding as a contribution toward the costs of providing a four-year-old kindergarten program. This funding covers approx 65% of operation costs. The balance is acheived through charging fees.

Fees in Detail

When can my child go to kinder?

Enrolment applications are accepted from birth but to work out exactly when your child can attend, please use the eligibility table below. Please note that the cut-off dates for kinder eligibility are different for 4/5yos and 3/4yos.

1/5/14 and 30/4/15 2019 1/1/16 and 31/12/16 2019
1/5/15 and 30/4/16 2020 1/1/17 and 31/12/17 2020
1/5/16 and 30/4/17 2021 1/1/18 and 31/12/18 2021
1/5/17 and 30/4/18 2022 1/1/19 and 31/12/19 2022

  • *4/5yo GROUPS: Children turning four be tween 1 January and 30 April are eligible to attend even if they haven’t turned 4 y ears of age at the begivnning of the year . They may be significantly younger tha n other enrolled children and this is wher e deferral may be of benefit.
  • *3/4yo GROUPS: Please note the cut-off date for enrolment. This differs to 4/5yo children because no child can commence sessions until they have turned three. In certain circumstances, parents will need to pay term fees to hold a place until their child turns three years of age. Additional age criteria may also apply at some centres.


Parents are reminded to take into account their children’s readiness for preschool as well as simply being eligible by age. Children born between January and April benefit from starting kindergarten a year later. Preschool teaching staff or your Maternal & Child Health nurse may also recommend waiting for the benefit of a child’s development and readiness for school.

At what age can I enrol my children for kindergarten?

Yarra Ranges Kindergartens Inc. accepts applications for enrolments at all of its kindergartens from birth.  Enrolments are confirmed year by year upon a family’s acceptance of a place offered and payment of a registration invoice sent to them.

Children younger than Four Years of Age (also known as early entry to Primary School)

If a child has not turned four years of age by 30 April in the year they are to attend a funded kindergarten program, the parents must first have requested approval for early school entry for their child to attend school in the following year.

Requests must be made in writing to the appropriate Departmental regional office in accordance with government school entry processes or directly to the non-government school that the child will be attending.

It is unlikely that the regional office or the non-government school will be able to determine the outcome of the request for early school entry until close to the school commencement date.

Service providers should advise parents that most applications for early school entry are unsuccessful and children granted early entry to kindergarten are not eligible to apply for a another year of funded kindergarten in the following year if the child does not attend school.
A copy of the written request for early school entry must accompany the child's application for kindergarten enrolment. The service must sight this request and include a copy in the child's enrolment record.

Does My Child Have To Be Immunised To Go To Kinder?

Australian government ‘No Jab, No Play’ legislation says that no child’s enrolment can be confirmed in an early childhood program without up to date immunisation, an official exemption from immunisation on medical grounds or proof of the commencement of an endorsed Immunisation Catch-Up program.

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