Parent Involvement

Our preschools have a deep connection with their communities.

As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus (or profit) is invested back into the service.

Ensuring our early childhood education programs are provided to the highest quality is our main goal.

To achieve this, we need your participation.

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Ways you can help

Parent Helper : Children love showing off their special place to their special people. It provides a strong sense of belonging within their community. Helping at kinder will vary from centre to centre.

Centre Rosters : Your centre will have jobs that need doing. That may be taking the washing home at the end of the week, perhaps watering the plants over a term break or even sewing up a hem for a table cloth.

Working Bees : Generally organised once a term, Working Bees get the bigger jobs done. Maybe topping up the sandpit, turning over playground soft-fall or perhaps keeping larger equipment up to scratch with a coat of paint.   

Special Visitor : We all have our own unique skills, hobbies and occupations. You might be able to play the guitar, work as a police officer, be a yoga instructor, own a pet or be able to create things out of timber or yarn. You will be more than welcome to share your special thing as an important part of the program experience.

There is so much to be given and gained through volunteering at your preschool; for you, your child and the entire preschool community.

Already a part of the Committee community, you have the opportunity to join the Board of Yarra Ranges Kindergartens Inc. As a member of the Board, you will be able to contribute your first-hand knowledge of your centre to greater enhance the organisation as a whole.


Yarra Ranges Kindergartens has a central office that manages enrolments, accounts and administrative tasks for all centres. As a part of the Committee, there are some particular roles that are better completed at your centre. 

Committee Coordinator : Liaise with members of the Committee to arrange meetings. They will ensure the meeting is run in an easy-going, relaxed manner, where all parents are made to feel welcome and their input is valid.

Cashier : Collects money from the centre’s Fees Box; writes and distributes receipts; deposits money into the centre’s own Bendigo Bank account; and forwards this Information to the management office.

Record Keepers : Document events, changes or ideas at Committee meetings.

Fundraisers : Organise opportunities for their preschool to raise money for special equipment or supplies, projects or excursions.

Maintenance Officers : Organise Working Bees and the particular jobs to be completed. .

What will you get in return for volunteering in your community?

We welcome members of our wider community to be involved in our organisation. If you know someone, perhaps a grandparent, friend or professional person who could contribute to our community organisation, please let us know.

Whoever you are, volunteering can be one of the most satisfying social and learning experiences. There are no prerequisites for volunteering, except for a positive outlook and commitment.

Volunteering is a great way of meeting new people and creating friendships.

The number one benefit you will receive from volunteering is the feeling of being and belonging within your community.

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